International MSP projects

In maritime spatial planning international collaboration is done in multiple EU projects. The projects support the exchange of information between experts and the definition of good practices. The identified good practices and procedures will be utilized in the context of the Finnish maritime spatial planning process.

eMSP NBSR (2021-2024) 

The eMSP NBSR project creates connections between authorities and experts working with Maritime Spatial Planning in the North and Baltic Sea Regions. The goal is to recognise and unify good MSP practices all the while developing a Community of Practice model through which key themes, such as Sustainable Blue Economy and Ecosystem-based Approach, are discussed together in a co-learning environment. The European Green Deal and challenges brought on by climate change are taken into consideration in all aspects of the project.

eMSP hankelogo ja EU rahoittajalogo

MSP GREEN (2022-2024)

The focus of the MSP-GREEN project is on how maritime spatial plans of the partner countries support the objectives of the European Green Deal. As the first maritime spatial planning project to cover all European sea-basins, it identifies valuable practices, designs and implements new actions and provides recommendations to aid MSP in all member states in achieving these objectives in the future.

MSPGREEN hankelogo ja EU rahoittajalogo

Baltic Sea2Land (2023-2025)

The complexity of land-sea interactions and overlapping jurisdictions of various public authorities calls for multi-level governance to balance different interests and drivers in coastal areas in order to achieve European Green Deal goals. The Baltic Sea2Land project will produce a tool for decisionmakers and stakeholders, which will facilitate decision-making for a sustainable coastal development.