MSP and Nature-Inclusive Design

Let us return to the summer mood for a moment in the middle of November. eMSP NBSR’s national workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning and Nature-Inclusive Design was held on 16 June 2023 in Helsinki. The participants were experts in MSP, marine nature and various marine sectors.

The event was part of the project’s Sustainable Blue Economy learning strand’s Finnish national workshop series, which has previously focused on marine food and energy production. The June meeting discussed marine biodiversity protection, conservation objectives and ways to promote a blue economy that takes into account the marine environment.

A video of the workshop was prepared, with subtitles in FI, SV and EN available in the Settings menu. Click on the image.

The presentations are available:

Luonto merialuesuunnittelussa ja -suunnitelmissa, Frank Hering, Ann Holm, Timo Juvonen

Meriluonnon suojelu ja ennallistaminen yhteistyössä sektorirajat ylittäen, Penina Blankett, ympäristöministeriö

Kalastus ekosysteemipalveluiden tuottajana, Jari Setälä, Luonnonvarakeskus

Merilevän kasvatusta ja tuulivoimaa – ensimmäinen suomalainen merellinen monikäyttöalue? Magnus Hanstén, Nemo Seafarms – Joel Lindholm, Under Ytan – Patrick Lees, Malin Sjöblom, OX2

The workshop is eMSP NBSR project activity. The project brings together maritime spatial planning authorities and other experts in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with the aim of a cross-border and cross-sectoral dialogue. Website of the Sustainable Blue Economy work package: