Planning phases and schedule

The maritime spatial planning process, which is now being carried out for the first time, has been developed in cooperation with different stakeholders. The process is roughly divided into five phases that progress in the manner presented in the diagram below. Of the two Maritime Spatial Planning hearings arranged, the first was in spring 2019 and the other in spring 2020. The maritime spatial plans must be completed by 31 March 2021.

The planning process is divided into the following more detailed phases:

  1. Start-up and specification
    • Compiling an interaction plan, decision on launching and organisation of planning, compiling planning data
  2. Formation of a situational picture
    • Situational picture of marine ecology
    • Situational picture of blue growth
  3. Examination of the scenario
    • Future scenarios of blue growth and their impact on marine ecological status
    • Public consultation on the situational picture and scenarios
  4. Specification of the target image and measures
    • Specification of planning area-specific target images and measure pathways and impact assessment
    • Public consultation on the plan proposals
  5. Finalisation of the maritime spatial plans and reporting
    • Finalisation of the plans
    • Approval of the plan
  6. Implementation and monitoring
    • Continuous implementation as part of regional development and land use planning and as part of work in different industries

All planning phases include interaction with the maritime spatial planning coordination network and involved parties as outlined in the interaction plans.