Towards a green transition at sea with new maritime spatial planning actions

The objectives of the European Green Deal were again on the table when the international partners of MSP-GREEN project met in Kemi, 12-13 March Continue reading

A need to highlight the potential of commercial fishing in the updated maritime spatial plan

In late winter, the Maritime Spatial Planning Coordination Group organised two events with Saaristomeren and Etelärannikon Kalaleader to address the question of “how maritime Continue reading

Baltic Sea and North Sea cooperation takes a leap towards sustainable use of the seas – marine multi-use areas support nature and sectors

The Finnish Coordination of Maritime Spatial Planning Cooperation, seven coastal regional councils and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment participated in the eMSP NBSR Continue reading

Multi-level governance towards more sustainable planning solutions

Sustainable and effective planning solutions require broad stakeholder involvement. The key is to identify all relevant stakeholders and involve them in the process in Continue reading

Evaluation of the participatory process of Finnish maritime spatial planning (2017-2021) and development proposals – Take part in the survey!

The Maritime Spatial Planning Coordination is launching an evaluation of the participation for the first round of the Finnish Maritime Spatial Planning (2017-2021). The Continue reading

The green transition in Finnish marine areas

When talking about the green transition, the focus is often on the production of zero-emission energy and the achievement of conservation objectives in marine Continue reading

MSP and Marine Multi-Use

A national workshop on Marine Multi-use and Marine Spatial Planning was held in Helsinki in October 2023 as part of the eMSP NBSR project. Continue reading

The Gulf of Bothnia in a changing environment

The Gulf of Bothnia is now facing unprecedented pressures from many directions. The escalating geopolitical situation and climate change mitigation have increased political interest Continue reading

MSP and Nature-Inclusive Design

Let us return to the summer mood for a moment in the middle of November. eMSP NBSR’s national workshop on Maritime Spatial Planning and Continue reading

Marine multi-use areas as a tool to support the transition of marine environments

The Finnish Maritime Spatial Planning Coordination brought together marine experts in Helsinki in October to discuss marine multi-use areas as drivers for sustainable blue Continue reading