There is a lot going on in maritime spatial planning! – Choose the suitable ones for you from the autumn events and come make a difference.

Interaction forums on maritime spatial planning for all marine stakeholders 

The Ministry of Environment and the MSP Coordination team invite marine stakeholders and other experts to discuss the development of marine energy, in particular offshore wind energy, and its impact on other marine actors. The events will take place in Finnish coastal cities and online. 

The events will be organised as follows: 

Gulf of Finland planning area: Kotka 9.10. 9.00 to12.00 

Archipelago Sea and Southern Bothnian Sea Planning Area: Rauma 13.11 9.00 to 12.00 

Northern Bothnian Sea, Kvarken and Bothnian Sea planning area: 

  • Vaasa 31.10. from 9.00 to 12.00 
  • Oulu 8.11. at 9.00-12.00 
  • Tornio 9.11. 9.00-12.00 

 Register for the events via this link. The workshop will be held in Finnish and Swedish.

(You can choose one or more events depending on the region in which you or the organisation you represent is active.) 

The aim of the interaction forums is to address the state of play, objectives and measures for the development of offshore wind and other marine energy, as well as the challenges and opportunities for the coordination of marine activities. 

Whether you attend the workshops or not, please complete the questionnaire on co-development of offshore wind farm development. You can access the questionnaire via this link – It will take you about 10 minutes to complete! 

Are you an offshore wind developer or expert? Are you a fisherman, a fishery representative or a fisheries (including migratory fish) expert? Regional or municipal planner? Expert in permitting marine activities? THESE WORKSHOPS ARE FOR YOU, JOIN US! 


The Gulf of Bothnia in a changing environment – reconciling fisheries (including migratory fish) and offshore wind development  

the Regional Council of Lapland, Council of Oulu region, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, the Regional council of Satakunta and the Regional council of Southwest Finland invite professional fishermen and their representatives, offshore wind developers and regional and municipal planners to discuss the future of fisheries and the fishing industry in the Gulf of Bothnia in a changing environment. Key topics include the reconciliation of fisheries (including migratory fish) and the fishing industry and offshore wind development, as well as future adaptation needs related to climate change.  

  • 13.10.2023 Kulttuuritalo Poselli, Nortamonkatu 12, Rauma, 13.00-16.00, registration link. 
  • 31.10.2023 Kansalaisopisto Alma, Raastuvankatu 31, Vaasa, 13.00-16.00, registration link. 
  • 8.11.2023 Technopolis Silfvan, Yrttipellontie 1, Oulu, 13.00-16.00, regisration link. 
  • 9.11.2023 Park Hotel Tornio, Itäranta 4, Tornio, 13.00-16.00, registration link. 

 The Gulf of Finland in a changing environment – the effects of climate change on fisheries and fishing 

The Regional councils of Helsinki-Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso invite professional fishermen and their representatives as well as regional and municipal planners to discuss the future of fisheries and the fishing industry in the Gulf of Finland in a changing environment. The main topics are the effects of climate change on fisheries and the future adaptation needs of fisheries related to climate change. 

  • The event will take place on 13.11.2023 at 13.00 – 16.00 in Porvoo, Meeting room Linsén in Kulttuuritalo Grand (Piispankatu 28), registration link. 

(Please note that there will be a separate event for the fishermen of the Archipelago Sea on the impacts of climate change on fisheries and fishing in early 2024. More information will follow later.) 

Marine multi-use (MariPark) and Maritime Spatial Planning workshop 10.10.2023 

The aim of this national workshop is to identify ways in which maritime spatial planning and marine multi-use areas can contribute to good marine environmental status and a sustainable blue economy. The starting point for the workshop is the application of the MariPark concept in Finnish marine areas. Key themes during the day will include the guided development vision for the marine environment, synergies between sectors, promotion of marine nature and the link between multi-use and the objectives of the European Green Deal. 

Time: Tuesday 10.10.2023, 9.30-16.00 

Venue: Tapahtumatalo Bank, Unioninkatu 20, 00130 Helsinki 

Preliminary programme (in Finnish). Please click here to register. Workshop will be held in Finnish. Please note that the number of participants is limited! 

To refresh your memory, you can refer to the results (reports and videos) of the previous national workshops on the same theme: 

Meriverkko Launching Webinar 2.10.2023

Meriverkko will bring together actors in the fields of marine nature conservation and restoration and maritime spatial planning, thus promoting cooperation and networking between marine actors. The common objective is to mainstream marine biodiversity. 

Meriverkko was launched on World Oceans Day on 8 June 2023 in a joint digital workspace and will continue with subsequent meetings in the future. 

The launching webinar of the Meriverkko will take place on 2nd of October from 10.00 to 11.30. You will first need to register into Meriverkko and then you can sign up for the kick-off webinar. Later in the autumn, on 17th of November, the first networking workshop will be held in Helsinki. All members of Meriverkko will receive an invitation to the event. 

You can sign up to Meriverkko by clicking on this link! 


Take part in the survey to identify meaningful sites in the Baltic Sea 

In addition to the workshops, there are now many other ways to contribute to the consideration of offshore wind energy in maritime spatial planning. The Finnish Environment Institute’s MeriTV research project is mapping ecosystem services in Finnish marine areas and identifying potential areas for offshore wind energy development. 

 Where do you think are the most valuable sites in the Baltic Sea? What makes them special and valuable? The aim of the survey is to find out where the benefits and values of the marine environment are located from the citizens’ point of view. All marine and coastal stakeholders are welcome to participate in the survey. By responding, you can contribute to the future conservation of valuable places or landscapes and prevent potential conflicts between marine uses. The survey is open from 11th of September to 15th of October 2023. 

 Click here to participate: (the survey is available in Finnish, Swedish and English) 


Do you still have energy? In early 2024 there will be an online demo for all interested parties of the map service being prepared in a project focused on the status and future development of offshore wind energy.

More information and a registration link will be available in late 2023 on the website. 

The project will be implemented by Sitowise. The project will prepare future scenarios for offshore wind energy for the years 2035, 2040 and 2050. The scenarios will be used in maritime spatial planning and will be made openly accessible and usable for all.