The new Coastal Strategy – join the webinar!

The Ministry of the Environment organizes a webinar on the coastal strategy, where the content of Finland’s new coastal strategy draft and the measures to implement it are presented.

The event is an online event and you can register for it via this link  by May 5, 2023. The webinar participation link and materials will be sent to those who have pre-registered before the event. The coastal strategy draft will be submitted for consultation in May.



Paying attention to the coast is relevant. Major threats, such as increased and intensified storms and floods due to climate change, loss of nature, pollution and eutrophication, particularly affect the coast, which is diverse in terms of natural conditions and diverse in terms of human activities. During the preparation of Finland’s maritime spatial plan 2030, the interaction between land and sea was extensively investigated, and with this the preparation of a new coastal strategy was seen as timely.

In the coastal strategy draft, instead of strategic goals, the aim has been to find, together with the stakeholders, common principles and operating models to work in the same direction, so that the use of the coast would take place on a sustainable basis and nature’s ability to renew itself would be preserved. Human activities and livelihoods as well as natural ecosystems are seen as an interdependent system, the sustainability of which can be increased through cooperation between different actors and the identification of these opportunities for cooperation.


The coastal strategy and the underlying systems approach
Tiina Tihlman, Ministry of the Environment and Elisa Lähde, Aalto University

With common principles and measures towards a more sustainable use of the coast
Susanna Harvio and Riikka Söyrinki, WSP Finland Oy

Implementation of the Coastal Strategy measures by the Interreg Baltic Sea2Land project
Roosa Mikkola, Coordination of MSP cooperation

Other current issues: The second round of maritime spatial planning starts
Mari Pohja-Mykrä, Coordination of MSP cooperation