Workshop on maritime spatial planning and seafood production in Turku on 23 Aug 2022

The national workshop on Maritime spatial planning and Seafood production will be held at the Forum Marinum in Turku from 9 am to 4 pm on 23 August 2022. Experts and developers in the areas of fishing, fish farming, seaweed and shellfish farming are expected to attend the workshop in person.

This is the first themed meeting in the second round of maritime spatial planning.

The workshop aims to identify and promote the ways in which maritime spatial planning can support sustainable seafood production. The second round of maritime spatial planning has begun, and seafood production will become an increasingly visible aspect of the planning and the updated plans. This requires an understanding of the altered strategic environment, the challenges of seafood production, ways to tackle such challenges, and innovation.

The planning activities will approach this topic in a more positive manner than before. In the best case, business activity at sea, such as food production, can improve the state of the marine environment. It is important to highlight the positive effects more clearly and understand them in relation to the negative impacts. Nature inclusive design, which refers to the idea of taking nature into consideration in all activities, has become a more important focus for planning.

The workshop capacity is limited to 30 participants. The workshop will be held in Finnish. The agenda for the workshop: Ohjelma 23.8.2022

N.B! The workshop is full.

The workshop is eMSP NBSR project activity. The project brings together maritime spatial planning authorities and other experts in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea with the aim of a cross-border and cross-sectoral dialogue. Website of the Sustainable Blue Economy work package:

A short video of the workshop will be prepared, and it will be posted on Youtube and linked to the social media channels of Finnish MSP and the website of the eMSP NBSR project. The participants of the workshop will be interviewed for the video. Presentations will be openly shared on the website after the event.