The Vision 2050 draft for the marine area has been completed

The work on the vision for maritime spatial planning, conducted in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, is in the final straight, and you will have the opportunity to give feedback on the completed draft.

During workshops, we formulated an ambitious vision for 2050, common to all maritime operators. The well-being of people and of the sea are interdependent: the well-being of people provides society with the opportunity to allocate resources to promoting the good status of the marine environment. Conversely, the well-being of the sea maintains the ecosystem services that are needed as a basic resource for sustainable blue growth.

We worked with maritime operators to build sector-specific visions for 2030, and we compiled the roadmaps for spatial planning and infrastructure, nature and the environment, cooperation and interaction, and public subsidies in order to realise the visions. The steps to reach the vision are independent of maritime spatial planning, but we can also make a contribution to this development. Together, we can succeed!

You are invited to comment on the vision work at between 18 May and 17 June 2020. You will find the feedback form in the Draft Plans section of the website and via the map Maritime spatial plan 2030 – draft.

The vision work was prepared on assignment by the MSP Coordination. WSP Finland and Capful Oy were responsible for the vision work. The work took place in collaboration with the MSP Coordination Group.