Future scenarios for the Finnish marine area 2050

The future scenarios prepared for the marine area are complete. The scenario work produced three alternative future scenarios for the Finnish marine areas and the Baltic Sea: Dancing with big businesses, the Baltic Sea as an oasis of recreation and experiences, and the Baltic Sea as a breadbasket and strategic playing field. The first scenario emphasises the increasing role of big businesses, the second prioritises environmental issues and the third focuses on tensions in trade policy and the resulting other tensions between countries. The future scenarios constitute one phase of Maritime Spatial Planning and serve as background material for the preparation of maritime spatial plans.

The scenarios are not an unequivocal attempt to predict the future of marine areas, and they will not be placed in any order of priority, nor only one will be chosen. The purpose of the scenario work was to guide towards thinking over potential future options and the scenarios together as a whole. The processes of events realised are often combinations of various scenarios or something in between.

The scenarios were prepared in national and regional workshops targeted at stakeholders. Eight workshops in total were organised at various places along Finland’s coastline. Participants included a wide range of stakeholders, including representatives of various ministries, government agencies, research institutions, varioussectors of trade and industry, trade associations and representative bodies, regional authorities, cities and municipalities, ports, museums and universities.

The scenario project was commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and implemented in cooperation with eight coastal regions.

The scenarios are available here: www.meriskenaariot.info

Scenarios: Scenarios for maritime areas 2050