Gaia Consulting Oy to prepare blue economy situational picture

The blue economy situational picture that will provide the basis for maritime spatial planning will be compiled in cooperation with Gaia Consulting Oy, which won the bidding competition for the work.

The blue economy situational picture comprises a strategy review, creation of blue economy profiles for the planning areas, and a description of strengths and development needs. The work will begin in April and continue until August 2018.

Key stakeholders will be included in the work.

An ecological situational picture will also be compiled as the basis for maritime spatial planning. The key sources for this are the Suomen meriympäristön tila 2018 (State of the Finnish marine environment 2018) report, the Zonation analysis of the marine area produced by the Finnish Environmental Institute, materials related to the Finnish Inventory Programme for the Underwater Marine Environment (VELMU), and a description of the characteristics of marine areas.

More information:
Pekka Salminen, Coordinator of Marine Spatial Planning Co-operation,
Tel. +358 44 907 5999