Itä – collection of information about the sea

What if all the information related to the Baltic Sea were available in one place? Now it is!

The Itä website, which was launched on 2 April 2020, is a collection of information and material about the Baltic Sea from various institutions. The Finnish institutions that produce information about the sea have combined their resources to create this new service, and they have spent three years building the website. The service is intended for everyone who is interested in the sea. It provides information for professional groups working on maritime issues, such as teachers and maritime spatial planners.

The website includes a data service providing spatial datasets and research material from various institutions. The “Learn and Explore” section provides material to support environmental education. A large amount of teaching material is available – teachers are encouraged to use it for distance learning this spring!

The information on the Itä website was produced by the Finnish Environment Institute, the Geological Survey of Finland, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, Metsähallitus, the Finnish Heritage Agency, the Brahea Centre at the University of Turku, the Coordination Group of Maritime Spatial Planning Cooperation, and the Government of Åland. The service was built with funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, and the work was coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute. The service is initially available in Finnish and Swedish, and it will later become available in English.