The vision phase – definition of the vision for the use of marine areas

The vision phase of Maritime Spatial Planning is in progress. The aim of the visions is to steer and target the activities of operators and planners – vision is the direction we intend to take. The vision enables longer-term planning and coordination of objectives for the activity.

Vision work will include creation of the national vision, sector-specific visions and roadmaps for sectors on how to achieve the visions. Vision work takes into account the situational picture of sectors (strengths and weaknesses), the authorities’ policies for the use of marine areas and observations of scenario work (threats and opportunities):

Vision work was kicked off in a national workshop in October 2019. Then, regional workshops were arranged in all three planning areas. The regional target workshops specified the vision statements of various sectors and considered the placement of operations in the inner archipelago, outer archipelago and open sea zones, now and in future. In addition, the measures required for the visions to be feasible were considered in the workshops. After the target workshops, vision work continues with specification of the national vision and preparation of sector-specific roadmaps.

The materials from the vision phase serve as background material for Maritime Spatial Planning. Material compiled so far is available on the site for the vision work.

The vision phase pages are here: (in Finnish)

Visions are prepared by assignment of Maritime Spatial Planning coordination. The consortium of Capful Oy and WSP Finland consulting companies is responsible for vision work. The work is implemented in cooperation with the Maritime Spatial Planning coordination group.