Personnel changes in coordination in late 2019

On 1 November 2019, Mari Pohja-Mykrä took on the position of Coordinator of the Finnish Maritime Spatial Planning Cooperation. She is responsible for coordinating cooperation between Finland’s coastal regions, she serves as secretary to the coordination group and is responsible for broad-based cooperation with stakeholders.

“Maritime Spatial Planning involves coordinating marine activities regionally and in timely fashion, both with local operators and in international cooperation. Planners have solid expertise, but, for the first time ever, we are now preparing a plan for the entire marine area, together with stakeholders, to stimulate strategic and social debate. The complexity and variety of the area of activity is a positive challenge. It was a joy to accept this position,” comments Pohja-Mykrä.

Besides Pohja-Mykrä, another new person joined the Maritime Spatial Planning coordination team. She is Senior Planner Heidi Lusenius, who started on 1 October 2019. She works as partner to Pohja-Mykrä, and her responsibilities in the planning process include interaction and communications tasks.

“Maritime Spatial Planning is undergoing an intensive phase of planning in Finland. In addition to the written section, the formation of the cartographic part of the plan is well on track. It is a joy to cooperate extensively with stakeholders and expert planners on broad-based themes.”